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summer breeze

On Saturday morning the sun came out. I realize that you may roll your eyes and think I'm a wimp, since I live in the south and all, and it doesn't get cold here like it does in, say, Minnesota or New Hampshire, but goodness, it's been a cold winter here. And gray, so gray.

So when the sun came out on Saturday and warmed our air into the 60s, I began to thaw out, and the hints of spring lifted my spirits and took me outside to walk around the neighborhood, one of my favorite things to do. Walking brings me ideas. Walking quiets my head a bit so the ideas can creep in unexpectedly. I love that. Walking and exploring is my sure-fire way to get inspired.

So, today my drawing is an ode to the coming summer breeze. I look so forward to the sound of the cicadas buzzing in the trees and the long, muggy summer evenings. Georgia evenings are delightful, I do say.


sneak peek: sri lanka collection

I've had travel on my brain lately, particularly to somewhere warm, sunny, and full of beaches, so I thought I'd live vicariously through my artwork, which gets to go wherever it pleases. I got inspired by Sri Lanka, and voila! A new collection of patterns. I'm in love with the colors-- the feel so juicy, like you could eat them right up! I picture mango juice dripping down my arms. Yum.

Which is your favorite of the bunch? (Mine's the top left, in case you were wondering.) 

{This collection is available for license/sale, so please email me if you'd like to discuss and see the collection in full!}


we are all made of stars

 Just a little reminder to you today that you are amazing, and you have stars in your hands and your footsteps. Shine 'em!


listen: you already know all the answers 

 When I got very quiet the other day, and I stayed very still, and I let go of my expectations of myself and the world around me, a curious thing happened.

I realized I already know all the answers.

I'm not talking about all the answers to every question in the world, no. I'm talking about the answers to the questions about how I want to live my life. For myself. The ones where I ask myself how I "should" be living my life, the "right" way to do it all, according to so-and-so and not at all according to myself.

I was in a crappy mood. The kind of mood where I was comparing myself to anyone and everyone, and I was forcing myself to ignore it and just work already, but it wasn't happening. So I took a break. And I decided that although it was the middle of the day (and I "should" have been working,) yoga sounded good.

I got quiet, and I started listening. I listened while I stretched, I listened while I held my warrior poses, I  focused on the yoga and my breathing, and what eventually came was this:

I already know the right way for me. I'm not going to find my right way outside of myself-- it's already within me, waiting to be discovered piece by piece. I just have to be quiet and listen. And since my right way is already there, the comparing and the questions are useless. No one else can give me my answers but me. It's so simple. A little thrill of freedom came over me when I realized that all I have to do is whatever feels good for me. I don't actually have to compare myself to what everyone else is doing and wonder if that's the "right way"-- there is no right way. We each have our own version of what's right. There's just no comparison between us-- we are unique and incomparable, and that is fascinating, isn't it?


I feel a little lighter with my newfound insight. I like the calm and trust in myself that came with it, and the sense of not having to take it all oh so seriously. We make up these stories in a split-second, and then we think they're true, and we make such a big deal out of them, when really they're just stories invented by our wacky minds and that's all.

The listening and the quiet reveal the untruth in those mind-made stories.


Happy {early} Valentine's Day

I love Valentine's Day. I always have, even the years when I didn't have someone special to share it with. So to get in the spirit, I've been working on some card designs the past couple of days, and here they are! I'm especially fond of the one directly below:

I'll be taking these, along with many other card designs, with me to Surtex-- card manufacturers, make sure to stop by my booth! (#342)

So, happy Valentine's Day to you-- I hope you enjoy the romance and sappiness, and if not that then I hope you enjoy making it a perfectly scroogey day if that's what you want to do-- because that could be fun, too!